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Our Commitment to Safety

Absolutely everything that we do is grounded by our principal value of safety. We believe that new technology should be held to a higher standard than what has come before it.

We are proactive and collaborative in establishing guiding safety principles, processes, and systems, and continuously seek opportunities to improve.

To guide us in our vision of changing the world, we adhere to the following principles:

  • All activities are conducted with safety as the first consideration
  • Safety is a shared responsibility
  • We strive to uphold a Just Culture which encourages all teammates to openly report any unsafe condition or act via Joby’s voluntary reporting system, reporting teammates will receive full confidentiality
    - No actions will be taken against any teammate unless it involves illegal acts, intentional regulatory violations, or a willful disregard for safety
  • We will equip all teammates with the proper skills and expertise to exercise their safety oversight and management responsibilities competently
  • All safety data will be afforded appropriate protection and confidentiality and used in a manner that strives for continuous improvement
  • All externally supplied services shall comply with the appropriate safety standards
  • Thank you for your thoughtful attention to these principles.

JoeBen Bevirt 
Chief Executive Officer 
Joby Aviation
Joby Elevate