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Our Story


Reinventing Possible

Today, our team is made up of more than 700 passionate engineers, experts, and leaders, all focused on bringing our pioneering vision to life. We’re developing a world-class manufacturing facility in Marina, CA and have offices and workshops in Santa Cruz, San Carlos, Washington, D.C., and Munich, Germany.

But it hasn’t always been like that.


The Beginning

Day and night, a small team of seven engineers worked out of “The Barn,” our workshop in the mountains above Santa Cruz. We explored the frontiers of technologies like electric motors, flight software, and lithium-ion batteries — engineering almost every component from the ground up.


NASA Partnership

Beginning in 2012, Joby was selected to collaborate with NASA on several groundbreaking electric flight projects, including the X-57 and LEAPTech.


Subscale Prototype

After many years of subscale testing and analysis, we arrived at our current configuration and flew this subscale prototype for the first time.


Full-Scale Prototype

Our first full-scale prototype took to the skies in 2017.


Production Prototype

In 2019, our first production prototype began a rigorous flight testing program.


Progress Towards Certification

In 2020, we agreed to a "G-1" certification basis for our aircraft with the FAA, laying a clear path to certifying our aircraft for commercial flights. The U.S. Air Force also granted its first ever eVTOL airworthiness approval to Joby as part of its Agility Prime program.


Looking Ahead

With more than 1,000 test flights behind us, we're looking ahead to breaking ground on our first large-scale manufacturing facility later this year, certifying our aircraft in 2023, and starting commercial operations in 2024.