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Our Story


Redefining Possible

Today, our team of more than 1500 passionate engineers, experts, and leaders, are all focused on bringing our pioneering vision to life. We’re developing a world-class manufacturing facility in Marina, CA and have offices and workshops in Santa Cruz, San Carlos, Washington, D.C., and Munich, Germany.

But it hasn’t always been like that.


The Beginning

Day and night, a small team of seven engineers worked out of “The Barn,” our workshop in the mountains above Santa Cruz. We explored the frontiers of technologies like electric motors, flight software, and lithium-ion batteries — engineering almost every component from the ground up.


NASA Partnership

Beginning in 2012, Joby was selected to collaborate with NASA on several groundbreaking electric flight projects, including the X-57 and LEAPTech.


Subscale Demonstrator

After many years of subscale testing and analysis, we arrived at our current configuration and flew this subscale technology demonstrator for the first time.


Full-Scale Demonstrator

Our first full-scale demonstrator took to the skies in 2017.


Pre-Production Prototype

In 2019, our pre-production prototype began a rigorous flight testing program.


Working Alongside Toyota

As well as becoming a strategic investor in Joby, Toyota has deployed dozens of engineers to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our team, lending their expertise on factory layout, manufacturing process development and high-volume production.


Achieving U.S. Air Force Approval

Joby became the first eVTOL company to receive airworthiness approval from the U.S Air Force in December 2020. Flying our aircraft on-base and having access to government testing facilities provides an opportunity to develop our operational capabilities in advance of commercial launch.


An Expanded Partnership with Uber

We deepened our partnership with Uber, agreeing to integrate our aerial ridesharing service into the Uber app, and vice versa, across all U.S. launch markets. Uber increased their investment in Joby and we acquired the Elevate division, bringing their software tools and commercial launch expertise in house.


Progress Towards Certification

In 2020, we signed our initial Stage 4 “G-1” certification basis with the FAA, having received an initial Stage 2 G-1 from the agency in 2019. This document lays out a clear path to certifying our aircraft for commercial flights.


Flying High

During the year that Joby listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:JOBY), our pre-production prototype flew more than 5,300 miles, including a flight of 154.6 miles on a single charge.

We also built a second pre-production prototype, completed our first FAA production conformity inspection and officially began our journey to become the first certified eVTOL airline.


Part 135

We received our Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate, which allows Joby to operate a commercial air taxi service.


Quiet Flight

In partnership with NASA, we confirmed the revolutionary noise footprint of our aircraft, demonstrating it will blend into the existing soundscape of cities.


Climbing Higher with Delta

We signed a multi-year, multi-city partnership with Delta Air Lines to deliver a home-to-airport air taxi service that seamlessly integrates Joby flight into the Delta customer experience.


Production Launch

We launched production at our Pilot Production Plant in Marina, CA, with the first aircraft rolling off the line in June to begin flight testing.


Scaled Production

We announced plans to build our first scaled production site in Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. The 140-acre site at Dayton International Airport will be capable of delivering up to 500 aircraft per year when fully developed.


First Delivery to US Air Force

We made our first delivery to the Air Force as part of our $131 million contract to deliver and operate aircraft for the DoD. The aircraft, stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, will be flown on base to demonstrate logistics missions.