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Come fly with us


Join the Joby Team

Our team is made up of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. We're optimistic about the future and we're united by a belief that hard work, multiplied by innovative thinking, can genuinely change our planet for the better.

Achieving our audacious goal won't be easy, though. It requires unparalleled determination, never-ending curiosity, and a desire to reinvent what's possible. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to save a billion people an hour a day by bringing all-electric aerial ridesharing to cities around the world. 

We’re creating the future we want to live in — one where quiet, emissions-free flight is an everyday reality, saving people precious time and opening up new possibilities for travel and living.


    Driven by a passion for nature

    From hidden surfing beaches to the splendor of the redwood forests, the incredible Californian landscape is our motivation and our inspiration. 

    Today, aviation accounts for 3% of the world’s carbon emissions, but the sector’s true impact is almost three times that figure.

    Air travel needs to be electrified as quickly as possible so that we can protect our planet for generations to come.


      Come Fly with Us