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It’s getting more costly to get where we want to go. More than a billion people spend over one hour a day in traffic. Transportation emissions are one of the largest sources of pollution. Streets, highways, bridges and tunnels are increasingly expensive to maintain and build.

We aim to solve these problems by delivering safe and affordable air travel to everyone—while advancing the transition to sustainable transportation.

We're a venture-backed startup with offices in Santa Cruz, CA and San Carlos, CA.


The Next Phase at Joby

You might know Joby Aviation as a pioneer in the development of novel aircraft designs enabled by electric propulsion. What you might not know is that for nearly a decade the company has been working on a vehicle to achieve a specific mission: to enable a transportation service that saves people an hour a day in their day-to-day travel…

Bloomberg: Air-Taxi Startup Has a Working Prototype and a Fresh $100 Million

If you want to see JoeBen Bevirt’s flying car, you have to get in a helicopter. The engineer’s private airfield is nestled in a valley on the Northern California coast between Monterey and Santa Barbara, and it’s remote by design, out past a swirl of tan and green fields…

Past Projects

For a number of years, we performed important aerodynamics work with NASA and others on projects such as LEAPTech and the X-57 Maxwell, which have been the subject of a number of technical papers.

Join Us

While we are growing quickly, we are exceptionally selective in whom we hire. Your passion and ability should be demonstrated in your professional and academic achievements. You should be curious, driven, and devoted to your area of excellence. We look for candidates with both raw intellect and an exceptional ability to execute. We live for results, employ hierarchy only to enhance efficiency, and deplore bureaucracy.

We offer a competitive compensation package and a dynamic culture. If you embrace our audacious vision and wish to join us in this exciting challenge, please apply using the online application form.