By combining innovations in battery technology, electric motors, and control systems, Joby Aviation is revolutionizing transportation with the S2, an electric 200 mph vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

The Joby S2 is a game-changing aircraft that promises to improve the way society works, lives, plays, and travels.

A 2-seat fixed-wing aircraft, the S2 provides a quiet and reliable means of airborne transport.

This environmentally-friendly personal airplane requires 5 times less energy than conventional auto transportation at 5 times the door-to-door speed.

The S2 is in active development, and more specificiations will be published as they become available.


Drag the slider to illustrate the transition between VTOL and cruise configurations. Unprecedented redundancy is enabled by the scale-free nature of electric motors, which allows a large number of small motors and propellers to be used.

The Technology

Electric Motors

Rapid progress over the past decade in direct-drive electric motors and efficient motor controllers has resulted in light, powerful, and reliable motors which will provide the propulsion to make the dream of personal electric aircraft a reality. Learn more at


The latest generation of lithium polymer batteries (lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide) have not just the specific power required for VTOL, but also the energy required to fly a useful distance.


Sensor technologies developed to power consumer electronics like cell phones and the Wii remote give us the sensing capabilities once reserved for rockets all on a circuit board the size of a postage stamp.

Control Systems

Redundant systems are at the core of our effort to build robust electric VTOL aircraft capable of transporting you more safely than your automobile.

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